MANNI GROUP offers products, solutions and skills for the world of dry construction, promoting new scenarios to overcome energy waste and pollutant emissions in the existing building stock, through new buildings or retrofit interventions, helping Real Estate and Design Studios to achieve a higher value of the projects thanks to the environmental ethical principles and building know-how. 


Manni Inox puts the customer at the heart of its operations, enabling it to do just-in-time commissions with a blend of flexibility and quality.

It is a benchmark for stainless steel users in Italy and Europe. The company offers excellent products and workmanship, ensuring the customer receives maximum attention and high performance.

Our expert workforce have helped us develop niche markets for stainless steel, including the healthcare, food and packaging sectors.


Manni Inox was established in Verona in 2008, and now has two production sites. The aim from the start was to create a business that could fully satisfy the needs of users of stainless steel, offering a complete range of products and surface treatments and ensuring maximum flexibility of service. The company has continued to develop by constantly improving its production processes, and paying special attention to the quality of the products it markets.

The huge range of ready-made materials on offer, the efficient service, the twenty years' experience of the management team and the highly professional workforce, have helped make Manni Inox a benchmark for end users, both in Italy and throughout Europe.